Website Project Brief - Leap XD

Website Project Brief

Form Submission.

Website Project Brief

  • Objectives

  • What’s working with your current site? What’s not?
  • What would make the new site successful for you? For your users?
  • Feature Products? Services? Information? What’s the key takeaway?
  • Male / Female / Other? Age? Education? Income?
  • Call? Book a consultation? Sign-up?
  • Registration / sign up / log in? Advanced search? Booking?
  • Differentiators

  • Locally? Internationally?
  • How are you different from / better than your competitors?
  • What are three things that are unique to your product or service?
  • Do you have a disadvantage in your industry?
  • Assets

  • Existing Brand? Rebrand? New Brand?
  • Existing photos? Custom photos? Stock photos?
  • Existing content? New content? Leap? Client?
  • Logos / Photography / Videograph
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