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Capturing DR Coell’s 50 Years of Success

D.R. Coell & Associates are real estate valuation experts who have been serving commercial and residential clients in British Columbia and beyond since 1974. If you do the math, that’s 50 years in business! To mark this major milestone, we provided them with a limited edition logo, an updated website, and an evocative branded video. This last item was particularly special, requiring creative thinking from our writers and designers, acting and voice-over work by the DR Coell team, and some pretty impressive vehicles. 

We’re big fans of creating an engaging hero video for a website’s home page. It allows you to bring a brand’s story to life—and to do it quickly. An effective video can inform, inspire, and forge an emotional connection with website visitors. Engaged visitors, powerful brand storytelling, and more time on your website—it’s a win-win. 

Curious about the process of creating a captivating hero video from scratch? Let’s explore the process with the DR Coell hero video. 

Understand Your Message 

Before you do any creative work, you need to know why you’re creating the video in the first place. We knew that DR Coell was celebrating a big milestone, but to understand its significance we had to dive deep into the brand’s history, achievements, and vision for the future. So before we picked up a pen or brainstormed a single idea, we sat down with the DR Coell team, asked them questions, listened carefully, and took extensive notes. 

Develop the Script 

With an understanding of your key messages, you can start to sketch out major themes and ideas. 

For our video, for instance, we knew we wanted to communicate DR Coell’s history from 1974 to today, highlighting the values and expertise that have remained constant. Cue a sequence of company photos demonstrating the passage of time and shots that communicate how the company has grown, fostered connectivity, and seized new opportunities. 

Working together, our writing and design teams produced a script and storyboard, bringing together words and images into one clear, shot-by-shot narrative. 

Execute the Vision

As we do with all projects, we created a detailed schedule for the shoot, making sure everything from our locations to our talent (the DR Coell team, in this case) was carefully considered. Working with Victoria-based videographer Luke Connor, we realized our creative vision over a long but rewarding day and a half of shooting. The last step was thoughtful editing and refining, which transformed hours of footage into a cohesive short video. 

The Result

Our branded video celebrates DR Coell’s 50th anniversary by capturing their journey from the very start until today, their willingness to go the extra mile—whether that’s by car, helicopter, or boat—and their incredible team. It conveys that to work with D.R. Coell is to benefit from their decades of experience, specialized knowledge, and ability to dynamically meet the needs of an ever-changing world—and it does it all in under 90 seconds.

Client: D.R. Coell & Associates
Title: Discover greater value.
Project: Logo / WordPress Website / Photography / Videography

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