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Videography: Big Trucks and Technical Expertise

Defining the Dixon Networks Brand in Under 60 Seconds

Dixon Networks has been providing cutting-edge communications solutions across Canada for over five decades. They needed an updated web presence that would convey their technical expertise and serve as a compelling recruitment tool for talented new hires, so we got to work designing, building, and creating content for their new site. 

We wanted to go big, with a hero video for the home page that would showcase the Dixon team in action, from strategic thinking to technical know-how. An effective hero video can capture the essence of a brand in a matter of seconds and define the brand’s narrative, keeping website visitors engaged and on the site for longer. 

Armed with a vision for the art direction, we teamed up with Vancouver-based video producer and photographer Mark Yuen and headed to Dixon’s headquarters in Surrey, BC. 

The Shoot

On the day of the shoot, we worked from dawn until dusk to get the footage we wanted—with Mark and his team handling video, and our team handling photography and direction, we had our hands full, so having a detailed plan was crucial. Just as important, however, is being able to respond in the moment. When the adorable son of a Dixon team member joined us, for example, we dropped what we were doing to capture some shots of this young star. 

Telling a Story with Real Range

Some of the shoot highlights included directing a number of big trucks in choreographed movement, playing around with lighting to create scenes with interesting dimension, using a specialty camera lens to get up-close macro shots of fibre optic cables, and bringing in a smoke machine to heighten the drama (our ever-helpful project coordinator, Geneva, jumped in to assist). 

The Result 

The branded video is a captivating visual showcase of Dixon’s work, which takes them from the drawing board to the most remote and rugged terrain. It highlights the people at the heart of the company—designers, strategists, builders, and problem solvers—and it celebrates the impressive feats that come with a dedicated team, a strong workplace culture, and a commitment to delivering excellent work every time.

Client: Dixon Networks
Title: Connecting people since 1966.
Project: WordPress Website / Photography / Videography

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