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Neil Tran sits in the Leap studio board room, reflecting on the Leap anniversary.

This Leap Year, Leap XD Turns 8

8 Years of Bold Ideas

On Feb. 29, 2012—Leap Year Day—we started a company called Leap. Today, on another leap year, we’re celebrating our eighth year in business.

The concept for Leap was simple: create a boutique design company that offers world-class designs to businesses of all shapes and sizes. Over the years, we’ve worked with beloved local brands and international players, providing them with fresh ideas at pivotal moments. Whether they’re looking to refresh their brand, expand, or pivot in new directions, we pride ourselves on having the creative vision and technical expertise to help them get there.

It’s been an incredible journey and we wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for an amazing business community, our family and friends, and all the talented people who have played a part in shaping Leap. Thank you!

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