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Taking a Traditional Brand Online

Hartwig Industries Goes Digital

Every brand needs a website and it doesn’t have to be extensive to be effective. In fact, thoughtful design and storytelling matter far more than page number, a philosophy we brought to Hartwig Industries’ brand-new website.

Hartwig Industries is a well-known development and real estate investment firm in Victoria, BC. Their commercial spaces are home to a number of dynamic small businesses, and their developments are found throughout the city and across Vancouver Island. Here’s what we did for them: 

To convey Hartwig Industries’ reputation and establish credibility, we showcased some of their recent development projects, outlined the company’s history and values, and introduced some of the small businesses operating in Hartwig spaces. To capture the company’s philanthropic mission and introduce some personality, we designed a timeline with milestones. These key moments identify charitable giving and environmental activism while telling some of Hartwig President and CEO Gerald Hartwig’s story. Finally, the site features a place to announce leasing opportunities, helping prospective clients find their next commercial space. The end result is a site that positions the brand, engages in storytelling, and invites future partnerships. 

Client: Hartwig Industries
Title: Creating Opportunity
Project: WordPress Website

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