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Wild Women Expeditions | 2024

Bringing Wild Travel Experiences to Life

Since 1991, Wild Women Expeditions has been inviting women to embrace the transformative potential of travelling with other women. After being named USA Today’s Best Adventure Tour Operator in 2023, this beloved brand decided it was time for a new logo and mobile-friendly web presence, one bursting with personality, powerful storytelling, and travel inspiration.

A Logo with a Strong Connection to Nature

To its loyal travellers, Wild Women Expeditions is about being part of a community, connecting with nature, and experiencing true freedom. To encapsulate all of this, we created a new logo for the brand that centres on a bird in flight. The bird’s wings and body nod to the letter W, so prominent in the brand’s name, and its beak is shaped like an arrow, subtly conveying how Wild Women Expeditions confidently guides travellers all over the world. With a brand colour palette of off-white, teal, and charcoal, the new logo beautifully is at once playful and refined.

A Storytelling Platform that Inspires and Empowers

The new Wild Women Expeditions website is larger than life. Immersive videos, oversized photography, and punchy copy draw visitors into each trip.

The positioning line—You Belong in the Wild—addresses their audience directly, affirming their right to get out there and explore, do something meaningful for themselves, and connect with others. Glowing testimonials and engaging stories from past travelers place women’s experiences front and centre, as do the profiles of Wild Women Expeditions’ incredible guides. Trip finding is effortless and enjoyable, and each trip’s itinerary and information is presented with clarity. Best of all, the new site presents a beautiful user experience on every device and screen, with a seamless booking process.

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