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A profile shot of a model's face.

Ottawa Plastic Surgery | 2020

Establishing a Brand for a World-Class Clinic

Ottawa Plastic Surgery has solidified its reputation as a leader in the field of aesthetic surgery, but it was time to reimagine its brand for a growing market place. To accurately communicate OPS’s value, we envisioned a new web presence powered by original photography and videography, compelling written content, and striking design.

An empowering journey. 

We created a distinctive visual experience across the site, using appealing images to guide the visitor through the clinic’s offerings. Since OPS values clear communication and client-focused care, we crafted content that equips clients with everything they need to know to feel informed. The result is a website that feels as comprehensive and clean as it does professional and elegant.

Behind the Scenes

Where every project’s an adventure.

A woman adjusts a model's sleeve for a photoshoot. Both are smiling.
A model stands still as another woman stands in front of us, preparing her for the upcoming photoshoot.
Two women reviewing a shot list in a photo studio
Two people sit a table in a restaurant.
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