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Michele Holmes Collective | 2022

Honouring the Importance of Home

With their expertise, entrepreneurial drive, and personal touch, Michele Holmes and her team have spent decades helping people in Victoria and on the Saanich Peninsula make the most important real estate decisions. To ensure they continue to stand out in today’s market, we re-envisioned the brand, providing them with a new name—the Michele Holmes Collective—along with a bold and contemporary logo, stunning web presence, and powerful campaign for advertising and social media.

Spaces that matter.

We distilled the purpose of the MH Collective’s work into a tagline that inspired all of our storytelling for the brand: “Connecting People with the Right Spaces.” As the setting for countless memories, people’s homes hold great meaning. The MH Collective knows this, helping those listing their homes to find the right buyers and those buying to discover their perfect space. Building strong relationships based on trust and understanding and working tirelessly to achieve their clients’ dreams—it’s what the MH Collective does best. With their refreshed brand identity and new marketing strategy, they are now well positioned to reach more clients and continue to build on their rich legacy.

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