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Fawcett Mattress | 2024

Taking Ownership of a Brand Promise

For a decade, Fawcett Mattress has been making handcrafted mattresses at their Vancouver Island workshops. Yet they weren’t getting the attention they deserved. With some exciting new developments at hand—a new showroom in Nanaimo and cross-country mattress-in-a-box shipping—it was time to position these mattress experts for a national market and spread the Fawcett message far and wide.

Clarifying the Brand

Our first step was to thoroughly get to know Fawcett and its competitive landscape. Right away, we were reminded of Donald Miller’s observation: “People don’t buy the best products; they buy the products they can understand the fastest.” Paradoxically, Fawcett had so many benefits their brand was getting lost.

We brought clarity to the brand by creating a striking but memorable wordmark, identifying a hierarchy of benefits, defining the brand’s tone, look, and feel, and drawing out powerful storytelling opportunities. Highlighting their West Coast location, we renamed their mattresses after well-known Vancouver Island locales, giving them each a memorable personality, introduced an earthy brand colour palette, and created a brand pattern to use as an accent.

A Life Changing Tagline and Campaign with a Message

At the heart of our brand refresh was a message that captured the Fawcett team’s passion for their craft and their promise to customers: A great sleep. A better you. Life changing. Purchasing a mattress happens at a decisive moment, and it’s often about so much more than buying a bed. A great sleep can be life-changing, allowing people to be their best selves. Building on this tagline, we art-directed a marketing video and advertising campaign that demonstrate the transformative power of a great sleep for a busy mom and her young son, an artist in search of creative inspiration, and a surfer intent on catching the perfect wave. 

An Inspiring Digital Presence

We rolled out the look and feel we established for the brand to Fawcett’s delivery vans, mattress boxes, in-store signage, and billboards, and we designed a user-friendly online experience that’s both approachable and sophisticated. Our goal was to help Fawcett stand out from the crowd by centring their customers’ needs and stories, playing up their Vancouver Island origins, and devoting more attention to the passion and hard-won expertise of their tight-knit team. We also provided a framework for Fawcett’s social media channels and a launch strategy, equipping them with everything they need to increase brand awareness, expand their reach, and prompt conversions.

  • “As we take our Fawcett brand national, we realized the need for a reposition of our brand to stand out in the crowded mattress industry. The Leap team collaborated with us to identity what matters to our customers and to convey our story through concise messaging, imagery, and video. Our brand is now completely in line with who we are as a company.”

    Ross Taylor

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