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Presenting an Exciting New Development

A NEST to Call Home

We’re lucky to call Chard Development our longtime collaborators as their real estate projects continuously enrich communities throughout Greater Victoria and Metro Vancouver. NEST, a 12-storey condominium coming to the corner of Cook and Yates in Victoria, is no exception. To announce this exciting new building’s development and attract prospective buyers, we provided NEST with an informative, attractive, and user-friendly web presence.

Above all, people looking for their dream home turn to real estate project websites seeking information. They want to know about the neighbourhood: the nearby shops and services, schools and parks, and transportation options. They want to understand the residences—their layout, size, amenities, and design features—as well as what the building has to offer. And they want to feel confident about the project, knowing that it’s led by a team they can trust. The NEST website meets the modern buyer’s needs, guiding them through the residences, building, and neighbourhood and providing them with what they want to know. From the beautifully designed features sheet and floorplans, to the neighbourhood amenities map, to stunning photography, to copy that draws out NEST’s many benefits, the NEST site is a joy to navigate and explore. 

Client: Chard Development
Title: NEST—Where Victoria’s Best Neighbourhoods Connect
Project: WordPress Website

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