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Partnering with Sunshine Coast & Georgia Strait

Connecting People with a Safe Place to Reclaim Their Lives

Since 2004, Sunshine Coast Health Centre has been helping people overcome mental health and addiction struggles. Their success is due to their unique approach, transparent and ethical practices, effective programs, and certified clinical staff. With growth and the expansion of a second location for Georgia Strait Women’s Clinic, it was time to create a web presence to meet today’s mobile-centric audiences.

We approached the redesign by creating two distinct websites to serve each of its audiences. We pared down hundreds of pages of written content into the most essential. Most importantly, we humanized the brand: we brought in more images of people, used design choices to introduce warmth and accessibility, and adopted a knowledgeable and approachable tone. The new websites feel friendly, safe, and hopeful. Visitors can now quickly access everything they need to know and find professional help sooner and relief faster.

Client: Georgia Strait Women’s Clinic & Sunshine Coast Health Centre
Title: Imagine a stress-free tomorrow.
Project: WordPress Websites / Branding

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