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Facilitating Higher Education

The Cmolik Foundation’s Investment in Students

The Cmolik Foundation has a simple but powerful aim: support students who have experienced adversity by helping them succeed in their education and careers. By organizing interactive summer camps and field trips for elementary school students, providing generous scholarships to undergraduate and graduate students, and creating a supportive community of mentors, the Cmolik Foundation ensures that students discover a love of learning early on and have access to the emotional and financial support they need to follow their dreams. 

It’s work we can definitely get behind. Years ago, we provided the foundation with a strong web presence, but it was time for a reboot. With their fresh site, the Cmolik Foundation is able to reach new audiences and better communicate their vision and achievements. 

A User-Friendly Experience

One of our priorities was to deliver an attractive and modern-looking site with improved navigation. We introduced a global button that’s always visible to the user, making the undergraduate scholarship application easy to locate. We also streamlined the menu, allowing visitors to quickly find what they’re looking for, whether that’s details about the Expanding Horizons program, the board of directors and their biographies, or the application to become a Cmolik mentor. 

We adopted a new communications strategy, too, focused on drawing out the benefits of becoming part of the Cmolik community. By writing to our target audience and addressing what they’re looking for, we’re able to more effectively meet their needs. In addition to the smooth navigation and compelling, informative messaging, we brought in the brand colours of green and white, photographs of the Cmolik community, and immersive video to give the site an approachable, exciting, and thoroughly modern look and feel. 

Celebrating the Community

Last but certainly not least, we wanted to shine a spotlight on the talented Cmolik Scholars as well as the mentors, volunteers, and staff members who make it all possible. The Cmolik Foundation is ultimately about people, and the new site honours this commitment to relationships by prominently featuring the stories of students and mentors in bios and testimonials. 

Client: Cmolik Foundation
Title: Transforming Students’ Lives
Project: WordPress Website

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