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A Showcase of Movie Magic

Celebrating the Work of Roll.Focus. Productions

Roll.Focus. Productions are masters of storytelling, helping a wide range of organizations and businesses create compelling video content. They’re equally adept at capturing live events, from sports games to festivals. In other words, they bring together technical expertise, immeasurable creativity, and strong project management to deliver professional videos and live streaming that tell brands’ stories and hold their audiences’ attention.

We provided this talented team with an online presence that showcases their work, clearly communicates their services, and makes it easy for prospective clients to get in touch.

A Vivid Portfolio

Roll.Focus. makes exceptional work, so we designed a site that would function as a larger-than-life portfolio. Videos on the site are large and immersive, allowing visitors to appreciate the artistry and technological know-how of each shot. When visitors dive into individual projects, they’re presented with the scope of the work alongside the finished product, which gives them an accurate understanding of the services, schedule, and budget involved. 

Crowd Favourites

From Victoria, where Roll.Focus. Productions is based, to the rest of Canada and beyond, it’s not hard to find satisfied clients of theirs. We highlighted these happy customers by presenting some of their clients’ logos front and centre on the homepage and by providing ample space for testimonials throughout the site. 

Roll.Focus. Productions now has an online presence that speaks to their collaborative, client-centred process and accurately reflects the high quality of their work.

Client: Roll.Focus. Productions
Title: Real Life. Real Experiences. Real People.
Project: WordPress Website

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