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Spa nestled in a lush forest

Nimmo Bay | 2020

Putting a Remote Luxury Resort on the World Map

Nestled in the heart of Canada’s Great Bear Rainforest, this family-owned resort has provided luxury retreats for almost four decades. A client of ours since 2013, we were only too happy to present them with a re-imagined web presence to mark the new decade and celebrate their status as a world-class eco-destination.

A still from a video on the Nimmo Bay website.

An experience to awaken the senses.

Stunning visuals and evocative copy bring the digital experience to life. Oversized, dynamic photography and videography immerse the visitor in a unique coastal habitat: standing on a floating dock in salty ocean air, breathing in the fragrance of old-growth forest, and waiting to hear the crack of a twig under a Grizzly paw. This experience is all housed in a design concept that is clean, minimal, and simple to navigate, making a trip into the wild just a couple of clicks away.

  • “Leap created the perfect website to communicate the Nimmo experience. This has generated more new business for us.”

    Fraser Murray

    Nimmo Bay

Behind the Scenes

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A man and woman sitting one in front of the other smile during a helicopter ride.
Beside a roaring campfire is a table holding food and drinks.
Neil Tran stands outside and takes a photo from his camera.
A woman holds a glass of wine while sitting on an outdoor patio.
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