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Rejuvenating an Established Brand

A Modern Look for Toronto Plastic Surgery Center

Dr. Pirani has made a name for himself in the world of cosmetic and plastic surgery for his rigorous standards, commitment to medical advancement, and friendly bedside manner. His clinic, Toronto Plastic Surgery Center, is just as esteemed. This established brand’s web presence needed a refresh, one that would live up to its reputation for excellence and elegance. 

Restful and Refined

Stepping into the light-filled clinic at 199 Avenue Road in Toronto, with its classic wainscoting, herringbone flooring, and elegant furniture, is a calming experience. To evoke a similar feeling online, we used large images and video, a neutral colour palette of cream, grey, white, and gold, and graceful cursive script. Illustrated silhouettes speak to the “art of beauty,” as do the photographs with their life-like movement. The result is a site with a high-end feel that exudes luxury and personalized care.

Simplified Elegance

To make the browsing experience as enjoyable as possible, we pared down the written content and simplified the navigation. A non-scrolling home page allows users to easily find what they’re looking for, whether that’s Dr. Pirani’s extensive credentials, an overview of the available skincare products, before-and-after galleries, or detailed information about treatments.

Now, Toronto Plastic Surgery Center enjoys a cohesive and sophisticated brand identity, both online and off.

Client: Toronto Plastic Surgery Center
Title: The Art of Beauty  
Project: WordPress Website

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