Leap XD | Production Asset Guidelines

Production Asset Guidelines

Specifications for Photography and Renderings:

  • Provide the highest-quality versions of all photos/renderings possible.
  • Images should be at least 1920px by 1080px to avoid pixelation/blurring.
  • File format:  JPG not PNG.  PNG’s are typically a much larger image format–which will slow down the site and can not be compressed into WebP.

Specifications for Video:

  • It is important that the person/subject matter being filmed appears in the centre of the frame whenever possible. This will allow for a more successful mobile crop on the video.
  • Shoot videos in a 16:9 aspect ratio.
  • Mobile ratio 10:18
  • Looped homepage hero videos should be 20 to 30 seconds in duration and should be without audio or text/logos.
  • Full-length videos should be around 90 seconds, include an audio soundtrack, and end with a logo.
  • Vignette video loops should be between 8-15 seconds long.
  • Video export sizes: 1080p(desktop), 720p(tablet), 540p(mobile)

Folder Organization:

  • Organize website assets in folders and subfolders with clear names to ensure efficient production.
  • Please notify our team when all assets have been shared.


  • Headshots should be shot from the waist up or 3/4 length.
  • There should be at minimum six inches of room around the subject to allow for cropping.
  • Headshots can be straight on or 3/4 turn.
  • Headshots should be taken against a simple or softly blurred background, so it’s easy to reproduce when need staff members join the team.
  • When sharing headshots, please label each one with the person’s full name.
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