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A photo showing the beautiful architecture travellers can experience with MIR Corporation.

Journeying with MIR Corporation

Inspiring Intrepid Travellers with Once-in-a-Lifetime Experiences

Travel experts operating in under-explored countries at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, MIR Corporation provides unique tours to adventurous travellers in search of new, eye-opening experiences and cross-cultural connections. When MIR needed a new website, we envisioned a platform on which they could share their gorgeous photography and immersive storytelling while helping visitors craft their dream itineraries. 

With the user’s experience in mind, we improved page navigation and introduced a new Trip Finder filter, enabling visitors to quickly and easily find their best fit among MIR’s expansive trip offerings. Embracing MIR’s charming old-world aesthetic, we introduced elements such as ripped parchment edges, textured backgrounds, patterns created from tile work, and a colour palette inspired by the spices of Central Asia. Large, colourful photography showcases the beauty of MIR’s travel destinations and plays to the storytelling featured on the site. 

Client: MIR Corporation
Title: Journeys to Legendary Destinations at the Crossroads of Europe & Asia
Project: WordPress Website

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