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Introducing Trestle Millwork

Helping a Brand Stand Apart

When a long-standing mill shop needed a brand refresh, we were happy to deliver. Trestle Millwork, operating out of Cobble Hill, BC, is known for custom, high-quality millwork. Their commitment to their product, services, and culture was as strong as ever, but they were looking for a new direction that would facilitate growth. Working closely with their team, we conceived of a bold new name and created an equally strong logo and website to match.

A Strong Name

A brand’s name has an important role to play. It reflects the brand’s story, values, or promise. It forges a connection with people. It makes the complex entity of a business or organization simple, memorable, and approachable. For these reasons, the hard-working mill shop in Cobble Hill needed a name that would resonate with clients, conveying what makes the brand so special. We came up with Trestle Millwork, which honours a local landmark, the Kinsol Trestle, and emphasizes grace, stability, and strength.

A Distinctive Logo

Building on this name, we developed a logo that, in its two slanted beams, evokes the shapes found in a trestle. Within the rectangle, you can also see a window or door frame.

The typography is modern, confident, and sophisticated, with a colour reminiscent of wood. The gently curving lines of “Trestle” meet the bold upper-case letters of “Millwork,” communicating the brand’s artistry and rigour.

An Effective Marketing Tool

Finally, we created a site that concisely introduces the brand and presents visitors with everything they need to know, from the type of work Trestle does, to the clients they serve, to their latest Instagram-worthy news. The result is a professional, memorable brand primed for even greater success.

Client: Trestle Millwork
Title: Custom Cabinetry, Furniture and Architectural Millwork
Project: WordPress Website / Branding 

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