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A New Approach to Homeownership

Helping Victorians Find Their Haven

Haven by Chard is a beautifully modern six-storey condominium in Victoria, where Fernwood flows into North Park. Besides the attractive design and great location, Haven’s got another incredible selling point: buyers only need a 10% down payment. The goal is to give more first-time buyers a leg up in the housing market, an idea we could only endorse. We created an attractive, easy-to-use web experience that clearly communicates this exciting offer and invites new buyers to find their haven.

As Simple as 1, 2, 3

The terms around mortgages can be hard to understand at the best of times, so we needed to find a way to cut through the complexity. We adopted a communications strategy that prioritized legibility: we used concise but powerful copy, broke down the process into five simple steps, and brought in Haven’s lively colour palette to guide users during their journey through the site. A more detailed PDF featuring frequently asked questions is also just a click away, guaranteeing users get what they want, whether that’s a top-level overview or a deep dive into Haven’s unique offer. 

An Ideal Location

Since Haven’s location is a major draw, we let its surrounding neighbourhoods inspire our design. Wavy shapes, abstract patterns, bright colours, and subtly textured backgrounds evoke the eclectic personalities of Fernwood and North Park, where vibrant wall murals, great shops and restaurants, and community gardens live side by side with cultural spaces and heritage homes. Beautiful images invite visitors to get to know the area, which features walkable streets and a network of bike paths. 

Chard Development’s latest project is unique for so many reasons, and its web presence effectively captures the brand and communicates what prospective buyers need to know. 

Client: Chard Development
Title: Haven  
Project: WordPress Website / Radio Ad Scripts

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