Worth Every Penny: Good Design And Marketing Pays Off For Small Business.


When photographer Joshua Lawrence approached Leap to redesign his brand, logo and website, he did so because of the trust he had built through his long association with the company. After collaborating with Leap on other projects, Lawrence had come to know Neil, Simon and Devin to be forward thinkers with a nose for what a given market wants. Having long admired Leap’s work with its other clients, Lawrence knew what to expect.

What he didn’t expect, however, was that the marketing tools Leap created for Joshua Lawrence Studios would pay themselves off so quickly. Once his site was optimized, Lawrence’s Google search rankings took the number one spot for commercial photographers in Victoria, which in turn brought in new business generated entirely from Google. The result of a single lead generated from his top search rankings paid for the entire web and branding project.


From There…To Here

Like many small business owners, Lawrence had historically created and managed his own website and branding in an effort to keep costs to a minimum. Yet he knew he needed a stronger brand and presence to set him apart from the competition. Already well established in his field, Lawrence was working for a number of high-end clients, but felt his website wasn’t representing him at the right level. “You can’t shoot these top-tier places and yet have a budget website,” he says. Since business so often comes via word of mouth, Lawrence wanted an eye-catching, streamlined website to be the first thing that greeted people who looked him up online. “When they looked for Joshua Lawrence, I wanted them to see the site and be impressed. I wanted that experience to reinforce what they had already heard about me.”

Lawrence wasn’t entirely convinced that investing in a new website, logo and brand would actually generate new business, as Leap promised, but he put his faith in the team, trusting the experiences of other clients who had gone before.


And, in the happiest of ways, history repeated itself. Since unveiling his brand, logo and website, business has poured in – including jobs from much farther afield. Lawrence’s spot at the top of the search results even landed him a lucrative contract with a large Ontario-based ad agency representing a global resource giant. The job came to him, no bidding required. It’s powerful proof of how good design and marketing can pay off for a small company.

The difference between getting by and getting ahead comes down to relevance and marketing, which are only as effective as the extent to which a business understands its audience. “It’s not enough to just make something look good,” says Lawrence. “It has to work. It’s not just about “a site and a logo”; it’s about the right site and the right logo.” Leap helped Lawrence generate a dozen keywords that fit the way he envisioned his brand, and from there they created a concept that accurately reflected his business and clientele.

Leap stands apart from other firms because they understand the idea of a target market, says Lawrence. The website of a punk rock band shouldn’t have a similar look and feel to that of an accounting firm, he says, yet many web companies use similar-feeling templates for clients with completely disparate audiences. In contrast, Leap knows how to precisely target a group, figure out what they’re really looking for, and design accordingly. “Leap really gets it,” says Lawrence. “They understand the way people think and what motivates them, and they purposefully design things that will be effective in the minds of that particular target group.”

And when that target group sits up and notices you standing head and shoulders above the crowd, well…there’s your payoff.

Visit Joshua Lawrence’s website here.