Top Ten Leap Logos of 2015

In the Leap office, a year flies by faster than you can say “ping pong.” We’re grateful to be busy with such an impressive roster of clients, and one of our year-end traditions (amidst Christmas party debauchery) is to look back on our favourite work.

Websites are our bread and butter, but brand identities are particularly memorable projects; each logo is hand-crafted with strategy and style to capture the client’s brand personality, values and competitive advantage. Here are 10 of our favourite brand identity designs from 2015 (in no particular order).


Wild Renfrew | We branded Port Renfrew as a new West Coast destination with a rugged, textured wordmark and a tagline to emote a sense of adventure in its target.


University of Ottawa Plastic Surgery | A stylized ‘O,’ the fine lines of the Division of Plastic Surgery’s logo symbolize both the intricacies of surgery and the Division’s numerous stakeholders with the dots connecting doctors and patients.


The Meridian Residence | We crafted the name “Meridian” after earth and water and the values of the development’s target market: well-traveled downsizers, journeying the globe full circle to settle down waterside.


OneHouse Distribution Inc. | A distribution company for an environmentally friendly towel, OneHouse was all about creating a fluid logo, representative of water and life cycle.


Core Project Sales & Marketing | Core are specialists in Victoria’s downtown core condo market. With targeted sales and marketing, we created a logo that symbolizes both the letter “C” and a stylized target.


Elderberry Place | An elegant wordmark to appeal to its target demographic, the Elderberry logo and name were crafted after the local flora with a golden look.


Design District Access | We refreshed the Design District’s name with an edge of exclusivity and designed a modern textile pattern, representative of its interior design product offering.


Mill Springs Village | A simple leaf, Mill Springs’ logo was all about encapsulating change and renewal while capturing Mill Bay’s local greenery.


Lezara Laser & Vein Care | A new business, Lezara needed a sleek new logo to represent its service offering, targeted to high-performance athletes. The two As are symbolic of Lezara’s mountainous Squamish locale.


Well Amy | The Well Amy brand tells the personal story of its founder, while representing an international business and holistic health.