Top 10 Brand Identities & Logos of 2014

Here are 10 of our favourite brand identity design projects from 2014.
Each logo has been designed and hand crafted to express our client’s personality, values, and competitive edge. Logos are presented in no specific order.


Blended Wine and Beer Consulting Specialists | This logo was designed for collective representing business strategists, wine industry experts, creative superstars and people that just really love to drink.

Victoria Real Estate Board | We shook up the real estate market by building a new logo for the Victoria Real Estate Board and helping them phase out a very out-dated brand.


Element Beachside Residences | This beauty was created for Abstract Developments’s Element Beachside Residences in Cadboro Bay. My favourite part of this project was seeing a life-size version of it carved out of real wood.


Consumer Protection BC’s 10th Anniversary | Consumer Protection BC reached a major milestone this year and wanted to celebrate with a 10th anniversary logo. I wish I had my own logo when I was 10 


Olive Restaurant Diners’s Club | This is a cool dining club that connects foodies with restaurants. Check in and out of dining spots with our slick web-based application.


Walters Cove Resort | Walters Cove Resort asked if we could create something that was different from the traditional fishing destinations logo. This logo was inspired by a carving by a local Kyuquot Sound artist.


RT Prime Industries  | RT Prime is a Victoria based company with an office in Mainland China. They help engineers source and develop fancy machinery parts.


Ned Boniface | Ned Boniface is a smart and handsome mortgage broker. Ned understands the power of a personal brand and invested in this simple design. Ned’s business is getting his clients the best mortgage rates so it only makes sense for us to combine the percentage symbol with NB.


Carfra Lawton Lawyers | Carfra Lawton hired us to help funkify their firm with a fresh logo that represents a new and kick-ass team. This logo got them rockstar status in the law business.


Swans Hotel & Brewpub | How do you apply a facelift to a brand with so much history? Well you give it some respect and make subtle changes that bring it into the millenium. Along with the logo we redesigned Swans’s beer packaging.

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