The Butchart Gardens

Cultivating a Beautiful Online Presence

Historic Butchart Gardens is internationally known for its stunning year-round floral displays, attracting visitors from near and far. Their website is an invaluable tool for communicating their brand and helping visitors plan their trip.

Realising their website wasn’t keeping up with digital demand, Butchart came to us for a refreshed look and a focus on functionality.

The Challenge

The big challenge was tackling both a marketing and online store and launching them at the same time. We started by thinking about the users and how to best support an organization that caters to so many different user groups: tour guides, global travel planners, schools, clubs, wedding planners, and more. Not to mention the ongoing events aimed at bolstering membership in the local market.

Meeting with key stakeholders helped us to understand the challenges and identify goals and opportunities. Together, we constructed a shared vision: improving the overall user experience (UX) by making information easier to find was our number one priority. And, of course, making sure the site functions flawlessly on mobile is always a very big deal.

The Approach: Clarity in Full Bloom

Butchart Gardens is all about cultivating a beautiful experience. Part of what makes a digital experience beautiful is ease of use.

The original site was extremely content heavy. For today’s weary internet traveler, concise content is key. We worked with Butchart to reduce the amount of written content and used design to enhance readability.

We leveraged infographics and animations throughout the site to make important information stand out, using stunning images to draw the user’s eye to useful facts about the destination.

An interactive map helps users plan their visit in advance and creates a more engaging experience. We also developed an easy to read a card system for classifying the many different types of events published on the website.

A huge part of this project was clarifying the ticket buying process by creating visually distinct silos for the various types of tickets and passes available online and at the Gardens.

We also introduced a brand new Shopify store that is integrated with Butchart’s gift shop POS system, housing all of their inventory. Now anyone can extend their garden adventure by shopping for a taste of Butchart online anytime.

A Personal Touch

Butchart Gardens is very much a family business. That’s why were were so excited to learn of a resident artist on staff. The water colour flowers that add such a fun and interactive feel to the website were hand-painted by one of Butchart’s own, making them a truly meaningful addition to the user experience.

The Butchart Gardens brand shines through in every aspect of the new website. The lively interactions and animations that blossom for users as they scroll through the site bring functionality to the forefront. The finished product is a website that is as full of life as the gardens themselves.

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