Strait & Narrow

A handcrafted website for adventurous spirits.

The Strait & Narrow Pacific Coast Cocktails are the newest products in the award-winning Victoria Distillers line-up. Made with handcrafted gin distilled with locally-sourced botanicals, these ready-to-drink cocktails aren’t like the rest. To launch the new cocktails, our client needed a website to showcase their unique drinks and introduce their brand to the world.

A larger than life brand video, stylized illustrations, and handcrafted copy engages the audience, relays relevant info, and positions Strait & Narrow as the official pacific coast gin cocktails.

Look for grapefruit rosemary, lemon lavender, and pear rhubarb gin cocktails in a store near you.

Client: Victoria Distillers
Title: Compelled to Explore
Project: WordPress Website

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