Making the Leap: Business Launch


I am Neil Tran.  For more than a decade, I have been fortunate to work alongside some of the most creative and inspiring people in Victoria, BC.

I began my career in the design industry in the 90s starting in the sign business and later focused on print and advertising design. I built my first website in 1998. I immediately recognized the power of the web as a marketing tool. The simple website I created turned into a business which reached thousands of people all over the world. That was the moment I knew this web thing was going to have a huge impact on the world.

The name ‘Leap’ is a tribute to my late father-in-law

By the year 2000, I was hooked and had successfully launched a handful of websites. I began to invest all of my time learning to design for web. It was a challenging time because the web was so new, internet connections were slow and, when it came to web usability, we were essentially making things up as we went along.

I joined local design agency Trapeze Communications in 2000 as Web Director.  Largely, I was responsible for identifying new opportunities and devising web solutions for businesses and organizations across many sectors including travel tourism, non-profits, education, real estate and B2B.

During my time at Trapeze, we helped many organizations transition their business communications from offline to online and launched more than one hundred successful websites. In 2011, I completed my final project – the redesign and re-launch of – and humbly retired from my position.  It was time for a change.

I have always dreamed of going into business for myself and finally, the timing is right.  Today, February 29th 2012, is marked as leap year. And this couldn’t have been a better day for me to introduce to you my new company – Leap.

leap2The name ‘Leap’ is a tribute to my late father-in-law and communications guru, Denis Racine. Leap was the name of the last project which Denis and I collaborated on together. Leap will live on in honour of this wonderful man and I think Denis would be very proud to see it launch today.

For me, Leap represents the philosophy of “business-worth-doing.”  It is all about good people, good relationships and a willingness to take risks together and improve the outcome of our efforts. Leap is about empowering people and businesses with simple tools to help move their business forward and reach new levels of success.

Leap will deliver fresh ideas and compelling design to perform in print and online.  Leap is dedicated to providing cost effective web solutions which are unique to your business and adaptable to keep you and your business prepared for whatever comes next.

Taking this leap is a big step. I’m excited to embark on this endeavour and the opportunities ahead of me.