Leap's Choice: Top Super Bowl Ads of 2017

Over the past few days, in any spare moments we’ve had, the Leap team has been watching the ads from Super Bowl LI. As with any great advertising campaign, the commercials evoked a range of reactions from laughter and discussion to confusion, and resonated differently with each team member – except for the Mr. Clean ad which garnered thumbs-down across the board.

Our overall favourites were the “Daughter” commercial from Audi USA for its engaging storyline and female empowerment (you know, because our team is mostly female these days) and Snickers for pulling off a flawless live commercial, complete with a half-time score update.

Before we dig into some of the favourites of our team, here are some interesting stats related to advertising during the Super Bowl LI:

  • 77: Ads aired during Super Bowl LI
  • $5 million: Cost of 30-seconds of air time
  • 435,892: Times the Budweiser #BornTheHardWay was shared on social media

Leap’s Top Five 

Neil – Creative Director: All-New Honda CR-V 2017 Big Game Commercial | Yearbooks

“I would buy a Honda again based on this commercial! It immediately captured my attention because I think I am the target audience. I related to the year book concept with the throw-back angle and liked the way new technology and computer graphic imaging were incorporated.”


Kayla Craven – Graphic Designer: TurboTax 2017 Commercial | “Humpty Fall”

“The dark humour of this ad really stood out to me. The egg yolk oozing out of Humpty’s face was just twisted enough to be hilarious. It’s a different take on the classic tale and I think they pushed the envelope with it, in a way that works.”


Meaghan Reid – Content Strategist: John Malkovich for Squarespace

“I loved that this story unfolds in three parts and carries over to a John Malkovich Squarespace website. There is a sadness that plays off the screen in the first long form commercial, while John Malkovich’s frustration in the second and third parts of the campaign is hilarious. I liked the line, ‘I would really rather sometimes make my own figures and make my own dreams.’ I hope John Malkovich succeeds…”


Emily Johnston – Graphic Designer: Audi USA | “Daughter”

“The idea of equality between men and women stood out to me, and that women deserve to be treated fairly in every aspect of life. I was emotional watching the focus and determination of the girl paired with her father’s narration. The close-ups, camera angles and lighting created a mood that was very effective for the messaging. It was also empowering; it started out on a serious note and left me feeling more optimistic that things are changing, that companies and people are succeeding at building equality.”


Kaytee Davis – Graphic Designer: #AvoSecrets | Avocados From Mexico | Big Game 2017 Commercial | Secret Society

This ad was hilarious and had me laughing from beginning to end. The conspiracy theory jokes, including the deflated football joke, and the subliminal advertising add-on at the end were well-played. This ad was a nice contrast to all the political ads this year.”

You can watch all of the 2017 Super Bowl commercials here.