Introducing Leap's Newest Team Members


Leap is growing. We’re excited to (officially) introduce you to our two newest team members – Jake Ketcheson and Sarah Rollins.

Jake Ketcheson

Jake is a senior web developer in the web industry. Jake has a comprehensive knowledge of just about anything that is communicated and delivered through the Internet.

Immersed in WordPress and Drupal development, Jake works closely with our design team to create innovative design and technical solutions. Jake is also our system analyst and security expert. He’s not just here to help develop advanced applications, but also helps our clients maintain healthy websites. 

Jake is an exceptional ping pong player, with his high toss serve giving him an edge in the game.

Sarah Rollins

With her experience in e-commerce and marketing, Sarah is our Digital Media Manager. She is the point of contact for client communications and ensures all projects are being managed efficiently. If you have any questions or concerns, Sarah is your go-to person to help you out.

Sarah holds a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Victoria. With a passion for social media and online marketing, Sarah contributes to the marketing initiatives of Leap and our clients.

Sarah’s ping pong skills are top notch, making her a strong contender for the Leap championship.