Finding Balance: My Logo Design Process

Most people are unfamiliar with my design process for creating a logo. Here I will walk you through 10 visuals that illustrate my process in finding Balance.

Recently I had the opportunity to design this logo for Balance Home Cleaning. My client wanted a fresh and contemporary identity that would differentiate his business from other established brands.


In most instances I go right into design mode once I’m given the job. I start thinking about the logo and will make sketches days before I sit in front of a computer. Most sketches are done on napkins and scratch pads. I lose much sleep over this process and spend much of my time thinking and designing and this usually happens at 3 in the morning. During this design process I can’t focus on anything else until the concept has been fully explored, refined and completed. It’s an exhaustive exercise and often ends with a happy ending. Enjoy!


balance-9 balance-1 balance-2 balance-3 balance-4

balance-5 balance-6 balance-7 balance-8 balance-10