Hiring: A Full-Time Content Developer

We’re on the lookout for a savvy writer who can spin words into compelling marketing lingo that informs and engages people while solving our clients’ communication challenges.

Your Responsibilities
Collaborating with our Designers, the Content Strategist and Artistic Director, you will create written content for organizations of all shapes and sizes, from non-profits to international corporations, cosmetic medicine clinics to travel and tourism players. Your days will be busy and engaging with a 9:1 split of online:print writing. You will be responsible for:

Website & Digital Content 
Websites are our bread and butter, which means website content will be your jam, from content audits and interviews to research and writing.

Brand Names
Beyond web design, we brand businesses, which means you’ll often have to brainstorm and name a business before we can design it.

Ad Copy
You’ll be tasked with writing pithy content in our clients’ brand voices for placement in Google and Facebook ads and print magazines.

You’ll be the second set of editor eyes in the studio to proof and correct all content before it’s sent to the client or to print.

Everything Else
Whether we’re submitting a proposal, writing blog posts, or posting on Facebook, you’ll need to be able to adapt your brand voice and writing style.

Your Abilities

  • You must have professional experience in writing – bonus points if you have a degree or credentials in creative writing
  • Ideally, you’ve written for web before, and you know how it differs from print writing
  • You can work with clients to identify business objectives, user personas and goals (and write content that helps achieve those goals)
  • You understand the invaluable power of storytelling to connect with discerning, modern-day users
  • You’re a high-level thinker, generating original ideas and themes to guide web content and design
  • You have a penchant for detail, keeping track of client communications and content gaps throughout the lifetime of a project
  • You have a natural affinity for connecting with people and building relationships with clients, and you communicate easily and confidently in content interviews and meetings
  • You’re a planner, logically grouping information for user-friendly web experiences
  • You know how (and why it’s essential) to structure and outline a project before you ever begin writing
  • You may not be a designer, but you’ve cultivated a design sensibility, envisioning how content will be communicated and presented, from page layouts to infographics
  • You zero in on spelling mistakes and grammar mishaps with a ridiculously high standard for the quality of work you generate
  • You’re able to survive and thrive in a busy agency environment, juggling multiple projects at a time

Apply by July 14, 2017
Resume to: Neil@leapxd.com
Subject: Hire Me First
Include: 3 samples of your writing