Goodbye “web solutions”, hello “XD”


It’s time for a change at Leap. We’ve found the name Leap ‘Web Solutions’ gives a limited perception of the services we provide. While our core business is web focused, we’re a full service studio – web design, development, and branding, all under one roof.

That’s why we’ve decided to remove “web solutions” from our name, and use XD – to represent Experience Design.

Why XD?

XD is how we describe our company culture here at Leap. It is a smiling emoticon that shows the fun and positivity at our office. In technical terms, XD stands for Experience Design. We create and enhance customer, brand, and digital experiences, which is any touch point where your customers are experiencing or engaging with your brand. Customer experience can include everything from your logo, website, social presence, and advertising.

Branding and offline solutions are not new concepts for Leap. On the contrary, we’ve provided a wide variety of non-web services for many clients. By creating unique and effective strategies, we’ve helped businesses stand out in crowded marketplaces.

Some examples of our work includes packaging design for Abeego Food wrap, new labels for Swan’s Brewery and various print advertisements, brochures, and signage for all kinds of businesses.


If you’re online or texting, chances are you’ve seen or used emoticons. Everyday letters and symbols help communicate feelings in a simple way 🙂

“XD” signifies laughing and fun – we aim to have a positive relationship with our clients, and have a bit of fun along the way. We also throw in the occasional ping pong tournament to keep things fresh.

The next time you think of Leap, think XD. We are experience designers and work hard to improve how your customers are experiencing your business and your brand.