Organic Food Business Takes Top Position on Google


GoBox Organics owner Megan Parris’s referral to Leap came from Clarke Wright, a Camosun College instructor who specializes in social media. “Last year when I was taking one of Clarke’s courses, I asked him who he thought would be best to do my website and help me with my branding, and he said hands down Neil Tran,” says Megan. “Clarke told me Neil is very intuitive, with a great sense of design and function.”

GoBox Backstory

After 22 years running the show at Cook’s Day Off, which she founded, Megan took some time off. She knew she didn’t want to hang up her apron yet, so she looked around for a food-related business that spoke to her deeply. She found it in GoBox, whose mission is to make healthy eating possible, no matter how hectic life gets. As part of the vision of the Harold Foster Foundation, GoBox is committed to improving the way our environment can support optimal health. Plus, Megan’s a foodie through and through: “My first job was serving ice cream cones when I was 13,” she says, “and I’ve been in foodservice ever since.”

What GoBox needed

Leap helped GoBox develop its logo, branding and website, and designed rack and business cards for promotional purposes. Megan handed Neil the business name (when she bought the business, she changed it from Nature’s Farmacy, which looked good on paper but didn’t have the same aural appeal), and told him she wanted something colourful, fun and simple. “He just took the baton and ran with it,” she says. The end result? A brand and website that clearly communicates the message that everybody deserves to eat good food, and that GoBox is more than just an economic entity. “We’re trying to get healthy food into people’s homes,” says Megan, “and we want people to support organic.”

Top Ranking on Google

A large part of GoBox Organics’s new customers come from Google and search engines. Leap made sure that everything was checked off in the search engine optimization(SEO) department to ensure that the new website meets Google’s latest web standards. Megan’s website climbed to the top of organic search in a very short time and her business continues to benefit from this position.

Leap makes life easier

Megan’s priority was creating a site that’s easy to use. “The biggest problem with an e-commerce site is the navigation,” she says. “I can’t stress enough how simple it needs to be, because not everybody is a techie!” The GoBox site presented a technical design challenge, however, as Megan already had a second program in place to manage her delivery schedule. “The delivery program has control of a certain amount of things,” she explains. “Leap had to integrate our site with theirs.” In the end, the two frameworks managed to merge into one functional whole – with both sides working together all the way down to how the colours matched.

On collaborating with Leap

Megan felt confident with the Leap team, sensing that they understood clearly the function her site needed to fulfill. “These guys are very intuitive and have a great sense of style,” she says. Occasional meetings helped Megan stay in tune with how was developing. Neil even convinced her to add a photograph of herself in order to round out the GoBox story. “I hate having my picture taken,” says Megan, “but he knew it was important to have that out front.” Neil’s expertise in storytelling and understanding of what customers are looking for in a website helped create a more effective and powerful tool for this small business.

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