Bin 4 Burger Lounge: Behind our web design


You know you’re doing something right when The Food Network calls you up to feature your establishment on You Gotta Eat Here. Such is the case for Bin4 Burger Lounge, a trendy gourmet burger stop with two Victoria locations.

Bin4 Backstory

Co-owners Sarah and Dan Blackmore, along with Head Chef Mike Ringland (of Zambri’s renown), opened Bin4 in 2011 with a simple vision: amp a classic North American dish with fresh, locally-sourced flavour combinations – and do it at a decent price point. Good food, combined with Bin4’s relaxed and contemporary lounge feel, means the Blackmores have created more than “just a burger joint”.

What Bin4 needed

Feeling their existing website wasn’t in keeping with their hip menu design and social media presence, Sarah made the Leap. “Social media and the web are important,” she says. “When I look for restaurants when I go travelling, that’s all I look at. I needed someone to create that vibe. Neil is always looking at the latest things; I needed him to help make sure our web presence was matching what we designed our restaurant to be.” With his background in design and social media applications, Neil was able to create a dynamic, engaging web presence – even working alongside the company’s existing menu and brand designer. “He nailed it,” says Sarah.

Leap makes life easier

Sarah and Neil boiled their web strategy down to the few must-haves when people visit a restaurant website: location, menu, hours and a few eye-catching photos. The resulting site is clean and easy to navigate. “It’s a simple design,” says Sarah. “Neil did it so the hours and contact location stay on the side of the page no matter where you navigate to – so you don’t have to do five clicks to get to something.”

User-friendly templates – including a back-of-house site for employees – allow Sarah to change menu options, photos and even font styles without so much as a phone call to her web designer. Not satisfied by the limitations of existing design programs, The Leap team coded a unique application to allow Sarah to reposition menu items just by dragging and dropping them. “The site design has helped me a lot, especially with the launch of our second location,” she says. “It’s powerful, because I’m more in control and I can keep our information current.”

On collaborating with Neil and his team

After the website went live…the crickets started chirping. “I haven’t been in contact with Neil very much because he’s set it up so great,” Sarah laughs. “He was very personal in the way he worked with us. He really cared. And he did a fabulous job.”

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