A Fine Balance. Success with a Start-up.

As a father of three, Balance Home Cleaning owner Mattias Peemoeller recognizes that life is busy. He also get that sometimes we just need to offload some of the burden. His job is to make this as hassle-free as possible for his clients.

Big Win, April 24, 2014

Balance Home Cleaning wins 2014 Chamber of Commerce Business Awards
for Outstanding Customer Service


Balance Backstory

A former head of housekeeping with Fairmont Hotels, Mattias wanted to pursue his lifelong goal of owning his own business. Balance was hatched when he realized he could draw upon his experience in the luxury hotel industry and provide a similar level of service in the home. Since opening in late 2012, the business has been growing. “They key to success is building up a strong reputation based on trust, impeccable standards, environmental stewardship and personal service,” he says.

What Balance needed

Google is often the first stop for people researching home cleaning options, so Mattias understood having a web presence is a must. “We had to create a high-quality brand,” he says. “It was important that the site support the brand and be professional in feel as well as content.” The site had to communicate Mattias’s experience in the industry, his vision of Balance, and the information necessary for people to make an informed decision.

Leap makes life easier

In the early stages, Neil and Mattias sat down and talked about logo design. “Neil is such a great listener,” says Mattias. “He really understood what I was trying to convey.” After the initial meeting, Neil designed two different concepts for Mattias to consider, then continued to refine the chosen design until Mattias was satisfied with the end product. “He had such a clear understanding with regard to the site design,” says Mattias. “He helped get to my vision of that crisp, clean website. Leap’s initial design concept of the website hit it out of the park.”

As a small business owner, Mattias appreciates the ability to update his site without having to go through his web company. “Neil provided me with the training I needed,” he says. “It’s easy to do.” The website garners excellent feedback from Balance customers – and it does double duty by encouraging them to sign up and enjoy promotions. “Neil had the idea to have a call to action,” says Mattias. “There’s an online signup so I can begin building a customer database.”

On collaborating with Neil and his team

Being in the cleaning industry, Mattias was looking for a logo and design that felt clean, light and professional. When a business associate recommended Leap, Mattias added them to his list. “I took a look at their portfolio and the graphic design of some of their existing sites and compared it to other companies,” says Mattias. “After my first meeting with Neil I felt convinced he could deliver the product I was looking for.” Mattias was pleased to be involved as an integral part of the design process, and felt that his messaging and vision was deeply heard and understood by Neil – right down to both of them discovering they’d envisioned the same colour scheme. “Neil is incredibly talented,” says Mattias. “Through his insights and expertise, the end product speaks for itself. I love it.”

Look behind the scenes of the Balance logo design process.